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Sunday, April 14, 2024
"If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you."

All quotes come from Peter, who stole them from The Internet

My Car License Plate: DOT BOMB in
Virginia (VA)
My Car...
Master Index
- Damn Well Fed
My wife is an amazing cooking wizard. I started a new blog called Damn Well Fed, which I am, that chronicles in photos how much better I eat than you do. Take the time to drool over my recent meals, dining out, and my random and sometimes exclamation-point-ridden posts.
- "THE" Addition
We got the great idea of not only doubling our living space in our home, but living at home during it all! I LOVE DUST! OK, note to self, never do this again. See the pictures, even though they are sorted by date and not by "progress" or something...
- 'nuff said.
- The Internet License Plate Database
I got ticked off at people who drive like anus-monkeys, so I built this site to allow those like me (or those who want to tell someone that they thought they or their car was hot) who wish to send a message to those who matter most -- your driving buddies.
- My Journal (or Blog)
I'm not sure why I'm keeping it nor making it public. But what the hell, right?
- How I Sued a Spammer - AND WON!
Yep. I won a judgment for $580 + $43 against, the "80% off Inkjet Cartridges" spammer. See how I did it, and learn how you can too.
- Holland High School 1992 Alumni
Go here if you want to catch up with your Holland High Alumni from 1992, yo.
- My Sewer Backed Up
Yep, it was disgusting. The sewer backed up into my basement. And now I've documented it all just for you. Man, I need a life...
- The Perfect Beer Glass
Holding more than a pint, weighing over a pound, this IS the perfect glass, for beer or otherwise.
- My Friends. = Strange people.
- The W A C K O World of OJ Simpson
More than everything about the famed and guilty OJ Simpson
- Weird - from my own personal collection and beyond.
- Weird Answering Machine Messages
- Weird Poetry
- Weird Web Cams
- Weird Videos
- Weird Halloween
- Weird IE4 Win95 Crash Thing
- net.loopholes
Info on beating the law with the net!
- Hope Church
A page for my church in my Hometown.
- Sysadmin Central
Shell scripts and tools for the sysadmin in your home.
For TCP/IP and internet networking geeks. Doesn't work in IE6. Stupid Microsoft.
- Visit My Dad's Web Site
He's a real estate god in Western Michigan.

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