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I Hate Bush

Wednesday 29 January 2003 at 6:23 pm Did you see the State of the Union? I really hate Bush. "Spend more money... pay less taxes... create jobs out of thin air... blow Iraq to crap... we're winning the war on terror... I am a Monkey..." I mean really. We're gonna give Turkey $13B to launch attacks on Iraq. We're gonna send millions/billions to Africa to stop AIDS. We're gonna spend MORE money on finding drug runners and stopping them instead of spending that money on getting people to stop using drugs at all. Wouldn't it make sense to stop the buyers of drugs from wanting the drugs? If you lock up a drug dealer, another one will pop up in his/her place. When is America going to spend money in the places that it really can help?

Also -- Stupid Drivers, stop driving.

I met with my personal trainer today, Iliyas, and he kicked my ass. I can't reach up to scratch my head right now. I had trouble drying myself after my shower (yes, I know, you love that image in your head). Damn, I hate exercising.

In other news, I need consulting work so I can have money -- any takers? Working in the kitchen at 2941 the restaurant has been pretty cool. I'm mostly working with Elliot and Melanie in salads and sandwiches, and we got slammed a few times at lunch and I got to make all sorts of stuff with Pascal hovering ominously over me, waiting for me to complete my beautiful chicken caesar salad creation. Oi, talk about stress...

I smell like a kitchen

Tuesday 21 January 2003 at 6:13 pm So I'm working for free at a really nice restaurant so I can learn how to cook and be a super-duper chef. It's fun, given the fact that I don't get paid and I only work 4-6 hours a day twice a week. Today I chopped leeks, sliced potatoes, peeled butternut squash, diced 12 onions, made mushroom and vegetable stock (45 quarts of each), and made mushroom soup and squash soup with the help of super-duper chef Ryan. I was going to work in the salad/sandwich station but this girl named Melanie (i think) started working there today and Elliot seemed to click with her so I ran away.

I'm working out 3 days a week, plus lifting weights, so my legs are all tired as all ass. Ok maybe that sentence doesn't make sense but you get what I mean. Damnit.

Did you know a full 9% of the money Jen (my wife) and I bring in every month goes to eating out? Geez. We gotta cut back... we just love food soooooo much!

OK, I think that is all for now. Go away.

'zonSearch, because Amazon sucks

Tuesday 07 January 2003 at 2:10 pm I used to use CDNOW to find music, and Amazon to buy it. Then Amazon bought CDNOW, and their search engine is gone. Pisses me off. Now if I want to find a track on some CD, I have to use Amazon's search. And it SUCKS! Basically they decided to grab anything with some of the words you entered and return them in alphabetical order. What if I'm searching for the REM song Superman? 612 results, 10 (or 25 if you are smart) per page, it's like page 47 before you get to the song title Superman, because there are so many bad results before it! At least at CDNOW you got real RELEVANT results first.

Well, I wrote this program last night for myself and whomever else wants it. It's called 'zonSearch. We'll see how long before I get a Cease and Desist...hehehe.

Check it out: 'ZonSearch

Wow, I'm fat.

Monday 06 January 2003 at 9:19 pm So I bet skinnor that I could lose more body fat and weight than he could. Well, that kind of precludes one to weigh himself with one of those body fat scales, something I hadn't done in a good long time. When I last did it who knows how long ago I was at 33%. Now? 37% and 267.4 pounds. Ouch.

Oh well. Now I'm just gonna kick skinnor's ass and lose more fat than he will.

So I joined a gym. Gold's. It's new, pretty nice. Went to a spinning class. No, I'm not gay. After the 30 minute intro class, Drew Berrymore as one of Charlie's Angels started playing in a loop in my head: "And that's kickin' your ass." Nice. I suck.