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I'm a big geek, serial entrepreneur and idea guy. I've been called names, such as PHP Guru, MySQL DBA, BOFH, Security God, etc. That and Peter-Peter-Pumpkin-Eater.

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Wednesday 15 October 2003 at 6:21 pm Oh sure, Change is good. Unless you don't want to put it all in your wallet, along with the receipt.

Why do people who are making change for you put the change on top of the receipt on top of the bills? It makes things very difficult to put in your wallet, especially if you don't keep change in it.

Here's what I want -- Bills, Change, Receipt, 3 separate hand-to-hand transactions, so I can delay each one if I need the time to do so. In fact, I can open my wallet, hand a bill to the cashier, wait for the bills that I'm getting in change, place them into my wallet (still with no change or receipts encumbering this process), then receive the change, which I put in my pocket (or for some, in a different pocket in your wallet), and then the receipt, which I can either fold and stuff in my pocket, discard, or whatever. If I wanna put it in my wallet, I can do it at the register or later, since I've already taken care of the bills and the change, and I'm not trying to do some gymnastics to hold them all. Or drop it all over the car at the drive-thru.

So can we all please get aboard and use this standard? Bills, Change, Receipt. Bills, Change Receipt. For $2.15, I give you a $20, you give me $17 in bills, 85 cents in change, then the receipt. I don't want you to pile it all in one hand, making you work more by balancing it all, and making me work more to process it all without holding up the person behind me.

Damnit people! GET IT TOGETHER!

Thank you to the nice cashier at McDonald's in Old Town Alexandria, VA who taught me the joys of being handed all of the stuff separately.

Why are you still using Cash? Put it on Plastic. My burger king takes Visa and now they are my friend.
Plastic Joe - 18 11 03 - 15:46

That comment I just posted? My bad. i ment for it to be down here…Sorry!
Krystal Angelus - 20 11 03 - 17:44

YES! I feel the same way. It is the one thing that really frusterates me. Actually the reciept is my least favorite part. If it is between the change and the bills there is nothing to do but quickly put in your wallet with your bills to you can step to the side and let the the next person go. I hate receipt. Who needs them (especially on $2 items) yet cashier often hold them out to you as if its your responsibility to take it. It is their trash, I don’t want it. They should throw it away. Sorry to go on a rant on your site, but this the topic that will start me on one.
Steve (Email) (URL) - 18 02 04 - 15:26

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