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Presidential Elections, Iraq, and Democracy

Monday 25 October 2004 at 11:49 am Or is it Democrazy?

It sure feels like it. Iraq is a mess, and so is the domestic Presidential elections. Bush is busy calling Kerry names and making fun of him, while Marines and Army troops are dying in Iraq. If we are so sure that democracy will work in Iraq, let's put our occupation to the vote. If they vote us out, we leave. If not, we stay. There's your democracy, Bush.

Anyway, I hate Bush, as I've said before. I do think Bush is "unbelievably incompetent" and I think it is insane that our troops are still in Iraq. We've removed Saddam, found no evidence that they could launch an attack against the US, and our troops, who are so loyally defending what their "leader" asks them to, are dying daily.

A few months ago, an Army guy came into our office, and told me that they knew exactly where Saddam Hussein was, and exactly where Osama bin Laden was. They tracked them hourly, and could go in at any time to extract them. Within 3 months they "found" Saddam. Now with 8 days before the elections, I'm scared.

I'm scared that Bush is going to "find" Osama, or even worse, allow some sort of "terrorist act" to occur either in Iraq or on US soil, to scare voters into voting for him. Now, I think it is insane of me to think that the leader of the US would allow such a thing to happen. However, it is a real possibility that the Bush folk would "find" Osama and use that as yet another reason to vote Bush. I guess I just wouldn't put it past this Administration to pull some sort of "War on Terror" victory bullshit in the final hours before the election.

As for Democracy, I find it to be something of a religion for Bush. He is a Democracy Zealot, telling people that they are going to hell unless they let the Democratic Government into their heart, and accept US occupation as their lord and savior. Seriously, what is that? Why does Bush think that everyone wants, needs or can have a Democracy? We know little of the lifestyle of the Iraqi people -- why should we decide what kind of government they have? Nobody helped us get to our Democracy, we had to do it ourselves. Let's let the rest of the world do so. If they want help, they'll have to vote for our help. Or let the UN decide.

I'm sick of the US being cocky, thinking we know what is best for everyone else. Hell, the government thinks that they should regulate everything, that they know what is best for its own citizens. Examples? Gay marriage and abortion. Land of the Free? If you aren't gay, and if you aren't accidentally pregnant. Where will it stop? Only if you are Prodestant, Jewish or Catholic? Only if you are a Republican? Only if you are of non-Iraqi descent? That ain't free. That's as bad as the Nazis were in Germany and across Europe. I like the freedom to worship any way I want, have the freedom to be a committed gay couple (yeah, like the straight couples have got it right, what with their 50%+ divorce rate?), and the freedom to get a medical procedure done without intervention.

three comments

Ok. You feel that folks should have “the freedom to get a medical procedure done without intervention.” With this I assume you mean an abortion. I’m guessing that you feel like many pro-choice people. You feel like because the mother became as you put it “accidentally pregnant” the mother should have the right to an abortion because it may not be a good time in the mother’s life to have a child and that bringing up a child in an unwanted situation would not be good for the child, etc, etc.

With that in mind maybe we can carry your life philosophy over to Iraq. I’m sure you would agree Saddam was not a very nice man. Many people lived in fear of him. In fact the quality of life for many people in Iraq was terrible. But as you have written, it doesn’t appear that Iraq is a happy peaceful place now either. All the people of Iraq are stuck. They are in a less than ideal situation. And of coarse when someone is in a less than ideal situation as you have stated in your stance on pro-choice you feel that they should be terminated. So maybe that is what we should do. Let’s just level Iraq. We could then start over with fresh new people and everyone would be happy.

Sound absurd? Killing a baby just because it isn’t the most ideal situation is not the solution. That baby is not part of the Mother. That baby is being cared for and provided for inside the mother. Would you kill a baby who is one month old? How different is that between a baby who is only one month from full term? Or 1 month into the term. Where do you draw the line. Millions of our generation have been lost to abortion. Don’t let it keep happening.
Russ (URL) - 25 10 04 - 18:03

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Steven S Cole (Email) (URL) - 03 08 06 - 01:26

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Jim Dobson (Email) (URL) - 03 10 06 - 01:08

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