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I'm a big geek, serial entrepreneur and idea guy. I've been called names, such as PHP Guru, MySQL DBA, BOFH, Security God, etc. That and Peter-Peter-Pumpkin-Eater.

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Wow, I'm fat.

Monday 06 January 2003 at 9:19 pm So I bet skinnor that I could lose more body fat and weight than he could. Well, that kind of precludes one to weigh himself with one of those body fat scales, something I hadn't done in a good long time. When I last did it who knows how long ago I was at 33%. Now? 37% and 267.4 pounds. Ouch.

Oh well. Now I'm just gonna kick skinnor's ass and lose more fat than he will.

So I joined a gym. Gold's. It's new, pretty nice. Went to a spinning class. No, I'm not gay. After the 30 minute intro class, Drew Berrymore as one of Charlie's Angels started playing in a loop in my head: "And that's kickin' your ass." Nice. I suck.

I sure wish I could be fat!(cow)
russ (URL) - 07 01 03 - 16:43

You can do it Peter! If I can, you sure can. Hang in there little buddy.
Jared (URL) - 09 01 03 - 16:11

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Nice that you decided to change something in yourself. Changes are always a good idea you will feel it in the end if your way. Good luck with this))
how to write a case brief (Email) (URL) - 26 10 21 - 04:33

It sounds like you have set an interesting challenge for yourself! Weight and body fat percentages can fluctuate, but the determination to outdo skinnor and hit the gym is a fantastic step. Keep pushing through those spinning classes, and you’ll make progress in no time.
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