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My Friends.
In no particular order, of course.

She's my wife. She's also a lawyer (my representation). We got married on August 18, 2001. We've been married for 22 years and 245 days as of today. Two geeks seeking solace in A/C digs (it was a hot summer, and I had A/C in my car AND at home!). And she picks me. The wedding rules, and my life continues to increase in its joy and happiness. Awwwwww...

Jay K.
Jay is one of my closest friends, and truly the biggest geek kauna that exists on this earth. I met him while working at, well, hell. It wasn't really bad at first, but then it got worse. Then Jay moved away. I cried. Then he moved to Chicago. I cried less since I go there now and again. Jay rules.

John H.
I've known John since pre-school. We were friends, then we were sort of friends, then I didn't see John much outside of school, then he was the band drum major, then we were friends, and now we're good friends. He was in my wedding. He's a smart guy with computers and programming, and water polo, and playing cards like the shark he is. :-)

Russell N.
So the first time I meet Russ, I invited him to go skiing. Then I left without him. It's because he rode the bus home. I don't hang with that kind of person. (hahahah) Russ is kind of quirky in his own special way. That's why I like Russ. Plus, I was in his wedding, and his wife KP is pretty funny. She balances him like two fat kids balance a teeter-totter. Um, yeah.

Brian V.
Brian had the pleasure of smelling me before seeing me for the first few months of college (I worked in a food joint, I couldn't help it). His room was on the way to the bathroom, so I stopped in to say hi before I showered after work. Brian is happily married to Liz, and they live somewhere near Holland, MI. Dunno where that is...hahah

Ted G.
Ted writes music. Well, he really doesn't write music, he plays music and records it. I guess that's like writing music. He is a performance artist. He performs. I met Ted in high school. He's a skater. He and I bladed the streets of the town from whence I come, wreaking havoc. And getting bloody flesh wounds.

He set his hair on fire. Omar has a band, though its name changes from meeting to meeting. Once it was 'Blind Moon Sun' and another time it was 'Mushroomsoup' so I don't know what to tell you. Omar is really smart though -- he can hook up a T1 like nobody elses business. You should hire him for that kind of stuff. He likes Family Guy a lot. Almost obsessively.

Nithan is a big geek, and smart, and coordinated enough to rollerblade. He rules.

Rebecca K.
Married to Jay K. She's a Tori Amos fan, does graphic design, and cracks me up. She's having a baby in August 2003. If it is after then, then she's probably a mother already.
LaShe's my friend from college. She dates a guy named Frank. I think they'll get married someday. I wonder if she'll invite me and Jen. I hope so. :-) hahahah She teaches diving, and likes to cook.

Ryan C.
Also known as kigam, magik, kigam666 among others. Lives for IRC chat on #tori (maybe I should introduce Rebecca to Ryan). Likes younger and older women. Significantly older and younger usually. He's also the biggest hack[er] I know. Always wears a hat 'cause he's going bald.

Barnett is a freak, while maintaining a sense of cool, calm, collected insanity. He, at the time of this writing, is unemployed. He plays this online game for days at a time. It's very strange. He's no longer unemployed now.

I think Herb likes to drink. What do you think? Whatever.

Herb's now Ex-Girlfriend. They broke up. Whatever. She's still fun.

Randy is crazy. He lives in NJ now. He drives and orange Audi. He had a pony party once.

Ben Brown
Ben Brown is an Internet Rockstar. He writes web applications and makes videos of himself doing strange things, like The Atkins Diet. *shudder*

Matt C.
Former owner, beersluts.com.

John X.
I guess he's a friend. I don't really know his last name. He scares me sometimes, but then he makes me laugh. I really don't know who he is really. I've seen him 3 times. Once at a movie. Once at something else. And once at a party at Downes' house.

He's married to Kate. She paints her own toes. He got this mohawk thing in Amsterdam. He looks a little less like this now, but somewhat like this. Yes, I got this picture from the policia in Amsterdam.

She's married to Skinner. She paints her own toes. She looks funny in this picture. Sorry, Kate.

Pronounced 'Cheese-er.' He rides motorcycles 100 miles an hour and gets caught. Bonehead.

Jble will talk to you about work and computers. When challenged with NOT talking about either, he tends to be dumb-struck and tries to talk about work or computers. He's also really good at Tennis on Sega.

She's Barnett's sister. She likes goats.

Chris D.
He's a door to door salesman. He also got his ribs broken by the Metropolitan Police Department during the IMF protests where he was a spectator-turned-protestor-according-to-big-men-with-sticks-and-guns.

Brad D.
I worked with him at CAIS. He lives in Canada now. He'll always be my friend until he isn't. He's back from Canada, I think they kicked him out. Figures. I think he smokes the reefer and likes it.

Blake W.
Blake wanted so badly to be my friend he sent me his picture and asked me to put him here. So I did. 'course, he used a PNG instead of a JPG. PNG is not good for pictures Blake, JPG has better compression. 26KB indeed. So I shrunk it in a JPG to 933 bytes and it still looks like Blake. HA! Blake's a geek (unlike all my other friends). He likes France and the Interpoo.

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