Founder and CTO
Tossable Digits, Falls Church, Virginia
February 2006 - Present
Deployed from scratch a VoIP-based tossable, temporary phone number business. Hired vendors and deployed a nation-wide network of services geared towards the dating and classifieds market.
Volunteer Systems Engineer
Fairfax Cable Access Corporation / Nova.org, Fairfax, Virginia
June 1996 - Present
Volunteer Systems and Network Engineer for an Internet Co-op providing low-cost direct Internet access for a wide variety of public organizations in Northern Virginia. Responsible for maintenance and installation of open-source software: Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL, SquirrelMail, Bind, Sendmail, Procmail, Postfix, Analog. Responsible for maintenance of web site and traffic reporting, Internet connectivity, user management, updates of common software, network-based backups, network and system security and customer support. Serve as member of the FCAC Internet Committee.
Chief Technology Officer
762 Wireless, Centreville, Virginia
July 2005 - February 2006
Became part-owner in a new ringtone company. Deployed a new SMS Gateway, all new site management code, and helped the company grow from self funded capital to profitable in under 8 months, from 2 to 8 employees. Hired and successfully managed 2 developers, both in offsite locations. Was bought out by request in February 2006.
Chief Technology Officer
Opera Telecom USA, Herndon, Virginia
April 2004 - July 2005
Single-handedly learned, built and deployed a delivery platform for ringtones and backgrounds to wireless devices. Went from knowing nothing about mobile phones to deploying an SMS Gateway with multiple SMPP connections, delivering upwards of 20,000 messages per day, in under 2 months. Learned ColdFusion in 5 days and deployed a web e-commerce solution on-time when a developer failed to provide working code before the deadline. Created technology and software to enable the company to grow from practically zero gross revenue in the last Fiscal Year ending May 31, 2004, to being cash-flow positive and profitable by January 2005, and growing at a rate of 30-50% per month.
Chief Information Officer
North American Management, Alexandria, Virginia
December 2003 - April 2004
Managed all aspects of internal IT for small government consulting and contracting firm, including network and information management and security, desktop support, copiers, printers, purchasing and researching new hardware, maintaining the Nortel phone system and anything else in the office with a circuit board, on a $50,000 budget. Responsible for bringing in $1 million in new business. Continue to contribute to consulting projects as Project Director, managing 2 programmers.
Director of Internet Initiatives
North American Management, Alexandria, Virginia
March 2003 = December 2003
Designed and developed web-based applications for large federal agency clients. Representative projects include creating, and later managing the future development of, a support tool for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) using PHP and MySQL. The software allowed grant reviewers to review grant applications in a web-based environment, increasing efficiency from an 8-month review period to a 3-month period after implementation. Implemented cost-savings in many internal IT projects, and designed a disaster recovery and data backup plan with virtually no budget.
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
AdCritic.com, Falls Church, Virginia
January 1999 - October 2002
Founded AdCritic.com, the second-largest video streaming site on the Internet at the time, serving millions of visitors petabyes of video. Created the site entirely with open source software: Apache, THTTPD, PHP, Perl, MySQL all running on multiple FreeBSD servers, with video in Apple's QuickTime. Tuned complex SQL statements, related code, TCP stacks and the kernel to maximize performance on low cost hardware. Managed customers, contractors, accounting and handled all marketing aspects of the company. Successfully sold the company in March of 2002, and facilitated the complete redesign and rebuild of the site into a subscription-only site. Company total revenues exceeded $500,000.
Senior Research Engineer
CAIS Internet, Washington, DC
August 1998 - May 2000
Lead research and development for OverVoice, bringing secure high-speed data networking into hotels and apartment complexes using existing wiring. Built to spec a secure network, wrote software in Perl and PHP which interfaced with various property management systems, built software which automatically configured Cisco switches when plugged into a network, designed a mobile train network for Amtrak, and worked to establish OverVoice as the number one networking technology for hotels and apartments. Responsible for a $100,000 budget.
Web Product Manager/Engineer
UUNET Technologies / Worldcom / MCI, Fairfax, Virginia
March 1997 - August 1998
Lead engineer and manager for Disney.com contract and Solaris Web Hosting products. Researched and tested intranet tools, web servers, databases, and system utilities. Managed a small team of engineers to install, manage, and support over 30 high-end customers pushing over 5 terabytes per month. Outlined and implemented security, backup and disaster recovery requirements for the product.
Programmer & Analyst
UUcom, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia
October 1996 - March 1997
Worked exclusively on OO Perl projects for a Denver-based company, Mercury Mail (now Sony's InfoBeat). Programmed a variety of customer service, user and maintenance tools that dealt with Oracle database interaction, Internet access, and statistical processing. Administered distributed backup system, upgraded machines with vendor patches, and installed applications on Sun, Linux (slackware) and FreeBSD operating systems.
System Administrator
INET, Bethesda, MD
June 1996 - September 1996
Researched, installed and maintained many cutting edge programs, file systems, and conferencing tools as a contractor to the U.S. Air Force at The Pentagon. Held and maintained a SECRET Clearance. Responsible for auditing network and systems for security holes, installing patches when necessary, and keeping up with CERT advisories to help the Air Force maintain C2 security levels.
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Hope College, Holland, Michigan
Available Upon Request