The Purple Cow: Weird: Videos
Here is a collection of weird audio and video clips I've found around the internet. I started using Google Video so you would actually watch them in record time. Free Bandwidth Baby!
BNL: The King of Bedside Manor
Barenaked Ladies, Bathroom Sessions
I love BNL. This video cracks me up. They ROCK!
Don Hertzfeldt, Film Producer
This is a Hilarious little short movie. I tend to show it to all my friends. It's a little, well, off-color and a little gross, but hilarious none-the-less. Used to be called "rejected.avi."
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Nunchucks OR Guy Hits His Head
The Internet
My brother-in-law does this kind of stuff, but he actually can land it. This guy misses his shot, then tries, and fails, to make a 2nd attempt. Ouch. Originally called ""
Farting Preacher 2
The Internet
Robert Tilton is a TV Preacher. I think TV Preachers are silly. This piece of work, is, well, a piece of work. Hilarious. Still cracks me up. Originally called "farting.avi."
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Red vs. Blue: The Internet
Red vs. Blue, New York Film Festival Short
I've been a fan of Red vs Blue for a while. This clip was made for the New York Film Festival. It pretty much covers how The Internet is different from "The Real World." Originally called ""
Rally Racer Audition Tape
Peter Beckman, Rally Racer Auditionist
Back in 2003 a future TV show called Rally Racer was holding auditions. Well, they suck, and they cancelled the show before it started filming. I put a lot of work into this, so it's here for all to see. Includes hilarious outtakes!!! Originally called ""
Poor Cat
The Internet
Cat meets Ceiling Fan, then meets wall. Originally called "poorcat.mpg."