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Quicksilver and OTP: Together At Last

Monday 15 December 2014 at 11:57 pm

I’ve been using Two-Factor Authentication on most every site that supports it for a while now: Google, Evernote, Facebook and Dropbox to name a few. But I’ve always grumbled when I’m on my laptop and I need to log into one of these accounts and they are asking for my TFA token.

Now I’ve got it working where I can get the latest token for any of these services on my Mac in Quicksilver and copied to my clipboard in no time flat. You can have it working for yourself in just a few minutes.

First off, requirements:

Once you’ve installed everything, put this code in a file named “otp” in your ~/bin/ folder and make sure it is in your path.

scriptname=`basename $0`
if [ -z $1 ]
then echo “$scriptname: Service Name Req’d” echo “” echo “Usage:” echo “ otp google” echo “” echo “Configuration: $HOME/.otpkeys” echo “Format: name=key” exit
otpkey=` grep $1 $HOME/.otpkeys | cut -d”=” -f 2 | sed “s/ //g” `
if [ -z $otpkey ]
then echo “$scriptname: Bad Service Name” exit
/usr/local/bin/oathtool —totp -b $otpkey

Now you need to put your special keys (you kept them handy and encrypted somewhere, right?) into a special, you-read-only file in your home dir named .otpkeys. Make sure you chmod 600 .otpkeys so nobody can snoop ‘em! Here’s what it should look like:

google=a743 mike k3b4 rm5k z8a9 q6f5 id1k bxk1 facebook=OWBV Q9LF POQ2 MKYU evernote=UKPPIDEALLKPYTT9 dropbox=iop4 xbox asia b0ss ninj a9

It isn’t the most secure implementation but it gets the job done. I considered putting the keys/config into a Keychain item and use /usr/bin/security to access them, maybe more securely.

Now run it!

Quicksilver OTP Command

And the result.

Quicksilver OTP Result


ten comments

Watch the curly quotes in the code above. You need to get straight quote marks (watch the sed line) and also convert em-dashes into double – marks.
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I saw your idea on SuperUser and liked it so much. I did a small improvement, added the GPG encryption:

Thank you for the cool idea!
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